Can You Make A Living Selling Adult Art?

Eikona Box
March 1, 2017

Pornography, as negative as it seems to many people, is an art form. Its main objective is to use images to induce sexual arousal. However, society constantly denies the place of pornography in the art scene. Oftentimes, they dismiss it as malicious and obscene.

Yet, through the second decade of the existence of pornography, some people are starting to quietly prove pornography as a legitimate art. And like most art form, these people are pouring in their creative ideas into their works through the so-called obscene images, and they earn money in the process. If your looking for the social media pornography Snapchat takes the cake. Search Snapchat nudes usernames on Snapsexter and find those Snapchat pornstars.

This article will explain ways on making a living by selling adult art, as well as its hurdles and limitations.


Creativity, along with ideas, is the heart and soul of art forms. Artists use their creativity to highlight, or hide, certain elements in their works. In adult art, artists must innovate and create ways to express erotic content in a socially acceptable manner.

As an example, Soraya Doolbaz created the Dicture Galley, a compilation of photos that involve a penis dressed in a variety of costumes. The main selling concept is not necessarily the male organ, but the characters they embody. Some of Soraya’s works are Dongye West, Fidel Cockstroke, and Dicki Minaj. They are artistic representations of Kanye West, Fidel Castro, and Nicki Minaj respectively.


However, not all people can appreciate adult art. As such, artists must be careful in choosing their market. For example, straight males often avoid pornographic contents that involve homosexual activity. Therefore, creating adult art the freely expresses homosexual sexual activities will be underappreciated or rejected in a straight male market.

To thrive in the adult art industry, artists must choose the specific art form that a particular market will appreciate. Usually, exotic adult art pieces that are not for the common taste fetch a higher price.


Oftentimes, adult art, or the audience’s appreciation thereof, is a matter of the artist’s self-expression. There are countless art forms in history that depicts carnal activity but in the guise of the artist’s creative language. They effectively hide the sexual contents of their art to pass societal standards of decency. Most often than not, the select few who have a keen eye on the subliminal sexual messages are the more tolerant ones, and also the ones that pay most for such works.


Adult art requires more skills than conventional art forms because the former is often for a specialized audience who has a more delicate taste. Since the audience of adult art use it to stimulate their sexual drive, their demands for perfection are on a higher level. They ask adult artists, in great detail, for works that exactly represents their sexual ideas, fantasies and fetishes.


Adult artists must cater directly to the specific demands of their chosen market. Recently, adult art expressing fetishes are the most popular and well-paid type of adult art. To earn money through selling adult art, artists must expand their horizons and create contents that a prominent market will appreciate.

Furry porn is an example of an in-demand adult art today. This type of work illustrates personified animals doing human sexual acts. The clients give in-depth detail and offer good money to their favored adult artists to create furry porn to satisfy their sexual fetish.


Despite the recent improvements on the appreciation for adult art, there are recurring hindrances that prevent adult artists from making a living out of selling adult art.

Sex as taboo

Until today, conversations, and art forms, that explicitly refer to sex are still considered a taboo. As such, this directly and negatively affects the artist’s freedom to express adult contents.

This taboo greatly outbalances the economics involved in selling adult art. As such, adult artists must either sacrificing their content, or wait indefinitely for a suitable market for their work.

The “pornography” label

Unfortunately, anything remotely related to nudity is labeled pornography, and pornography has a bad name. Therefore, in a wide variety of art forms included in adult art, people almost always receive each of them negatively. Adult artists argue that there is a fine line between society’s definition of pornography and adult art. However, the lack of dichotomy places a bad name towards the latter.


Therefore, to answer the question of whether people can make a living selling adult art, one has to consider a whole range of personal and social factors. However, the increasing demand for adult art should give artists a hope for the future.